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International Students Office is subordinated  to the Vice-rector for international relations.

International Students Office carries out following functions:

Sector for registration and accounting of foreign students

1.1. Prepares and submits to the State Migration Service of Ukraine in Kyiv the documents necessary for registration and stay in Ukraine of foreign students, and cancellation of the temporary residence permit in Ukraine after deduction of a foreign student, registration and take the student off the register;

1.2. Organizes and controls the registration of a foreign student in a hostel and removal from registration of a place of residence after deduction.

1.3. Make invitations to study;

1.4. Convey to foreign students current normative documents regulating the study of foreign citizens in Ukraine.

Sector on issues of nostrification(recognition), legalization and issuance of education documents

2.1. Will be responsible for ordering, registering, issuing and issuance of diplomas for foreign graduate students.

2.2. Prepares and submits the necessary documents to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine for the implementation of the procedure for legalization of graduates of the University.

2.3. Prepares the necessary documents for the State-Owned company Informational and Image Center under the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine to carry out the procedure for the recognition (nostrification) of educational documents on the foreign citizens.

2.4. Admission to study foreign citizens, examination of documents submitted by foreign citizens upon admission and enrollment in the university in accordance with the current legislation and the Rules of admission to study at the National Pedagogical DragomanovUniversity, signing of agreements on the provision of educational services;

2.5. Forms personal fileі of foreign students and, after deduction, passes to the university archive.