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History of NPDU


Historically National Pedagogical Dragomanov University first appeared as Special Pedagogical Institute of St.Volodymyr Kyiv University in November 21, 1834 (December 4th, according to new style);

 In 1920 the premises, pedagogical and professorial staff, libraries and teaching traditions of St.Volodymyr Kyiv University, Kyiv Teacher Institute, Kyiv Higher courses for women, Frebbel Preschool Preparation Institute and other institutions were inherited by Dragomanov Kyiv Institute of People’s Education, named after famous Ukrainian political theorist, economist, historian, philosopher, ethnographer and public figure, hence the establishment is considered the direct heir of Pedagogical Institute of St. Volodymyr University. In 1933 it was transformed into Gorky Kyiv Pedagogical Institute. In 1991, when Ukraine gains independence, the university becomes Kyiv State Pedagogical University, shortly before it is given the statuts of the National University and named after Mykhailo Dragomanov once again.

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