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Student city

Business card of National Pedagogical Dragomanov University is a student campus, which includes a convenient housing complex for students, student families, graduate students, doctoral students and students of the preparatory department of our university, as well as applicants for the entrance exam period. The structure of the campus includes a complex of 7 dormitories № 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 which have all the conditions for comfortable living, successful study, fun and active and creative leisure.

The priority of the directorate and staff of the campus is to create comfortable living conditions for students of dormitories, to carry out educational, national-patriotic, cultural, mass and sports-health work within the campus.

Dormitories are located in three districts of Kyiv:

Obolon district:

Dormitory № 2, str. Marshal Tymoshenko, 2-Z

Dormitory № 3, str. Marshal Tymoshenko, 2-ZH

Solomenskiy district:

Dormitory № 4, str. Osvity, 6a

Dniprovs'kyi district:

Dormitory  № 5, str. Kosmichna, 8

Dormitory № 6, str. Kosmichna, 8-A

Dormitory № 7, str. Kosmichna, 8-B

Dormitory № 8, str. Kosmichna, 8-V

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